10 Most Fascinating People

Last night, Barbara Walters presented the 10 Most Fascinating People on ABC. Michelle Obama was at the top of the list, and Lady Gaga was at the bottom of the list.

The rest of the people, in no particular order,  were Adam Lambert, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Brett Favre, Michael Jackson’s children, Jenny Sanford, Tyler Perry, and Kate Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin, Sarah Palin, Adam Lambert, and Glenn Beck made me think, “What? They don’t deserve this.” But after listening to the interviews, I changed my mind for all accept Sarah Palin.

Palin was also a part of the list last year. It seemed like putting her on the list was out of pity this year. Walters discussed how Palin was the most picked-on candidate and Palin responded, “There’s a lot of bull-crap out there.”

The best pick of the show, I thought was Lady Gaga. Dressed in a Channel suit and actually taking off her sunglasses for the interview, Lady Gaga even surprised Walters.

“I aspire to try to be a teacher to my young fans who are- who feel just like I felt when I was younger,” Lady Gaga said.

If you missed the show, check it out here.


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Christmas Tree

Just when I thought I saw every tree there is to see on the SEU campus, I walked into the library. Small and mighty, a Christmas tree stood to the right of the entrance.

The Christmas tree in the library serves as a reminder to students that camping out at the library in order to study for final exams and prepare final papers only means that the holidays are near.

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Studying with tunes

Though I do prefer silence sometimes when I am working on a paper, music is a pleasant acquaintance of my writing process.

My playlists used to be a little boring, I’ll admit.  I stuck to mellow music with either simple lyrics or lyrics too complex to daze off to. Throughout high school, I was convinced that Led Zeppelin’s “The Rain Song,” was my stairway to writer’s heaven. Every paper I wrote to that song earned an “A.” Anxious to hear a new song while writing, I begin to make playlists that fit around “The Rain Song,” until I eventually departed from my stairway.

Today, “The Rain Song,” remains an essential to my study playlist but so do some others. My playlist is more than mellow indie/alternative songs, there are dance songs and plenty of up-beat songs for those times that the thoughts are flowing and a conclusion is on its way and for the study-breaks of course.

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Christmas Tree

Every year, the city of Round Rock displays a tree at the corner of IH35 and FM620. Some years the tree is real and planted into the ground until it dies in late spring, and some years they simply use lights to construct the form of a tree. This year, the city did the latter.

To accompany the tree, the city will be hosting the annual Christmas Family Night on Friday, December 11 within the historic downtown area of East Main Street. The event starts at 6:30 PM. Click here for more information.

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The New Jean Trend

I’ve worked part-time for Gap since my second semester of college, and as a sales associate  you can usually see when a new piece of clothing is going to drop quickly as a clearance item or live long for another season.

For example, the tank with lace trimming on the neck-line and along the shoulders- great success. People still come in asking for it, and we don’t have it anymore.

Another example, the deep v-shirt with a pocket to the left. Anyone could wear it, and it was super comfortable, so it was a big hit. Again people still ask us for it.

For the winter line, destructed denim is making its way as a norm of the Gap jeans collection. Slowly, last fall, destructed jeans came in as fashion denim, but now, destructed jeans are coming in the styles of Gap’s signature fits.

The destructed style is attracting younger shoppers into Gap, while the elder shoppers seem disappointed.

“I don’t want no jeans with whiskers, and I don’t want no jeans with holes!” One customer told me the other day.

Fortunately, not all of Gap’s jeans are destructed. At least not for now. Looking back at denim trends, I’m sure that putting spandex in jeans was just a trend before it became a norm. And I’m sure that whiskers and fading denim was just a trend before it was a norm.

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Lady Gaga Unraveled

The Fuse channel on cable network is showing an eight-hour special about the most recent complex music artist, Lady Gaga.

Titled “Lady Gaga Takeover,” the show consists of a Fuse television host interviewing Lady Gaga mixed with music video clips and interrupted with full-length Lady Gaga music videos.

The interview covers Lady Gaga’s aesthetic and her image as an artist. Lady Gaga says that she wants to be a part of culture, and looking at her fans and external fame, she has achieved that.

Another large segment of the interview discusses Lady Gaga’s sexual orientation and her stance on gay rights. Lady Gaga says that she is disappointed with hip/hop artists who make offensive comments toward the gay community within their music.

“It’s always wrong to hate, but it’s never wrong to love,” said Lady Gaga.

If you’re interested in watching some Lady Gaga videos or listening to the rest of the interview, “Lady Gaga Takeover,” will be on until 6:00PM(central).

Also look forward to watching the following artists’ takeovers:

12/14 Rihanna Takeover

12/21 Lil Wayne

12/28 Michael Jackson

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Christmas Trees

Throughout every building on the St. Edward’s University campus, you are bound to find a Christmas tree. The most boring one is in Ragsdale, but my favorite is in my favorite building, the Main Building.

The tree is located on the first floor. If you’re entering from the North, you walk up the steps, open the red door, walk through the sliding glass doors, and there’s the tree!

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